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“Another New Year?!!!”

>> Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yes and “KUNG HEI FAT CHOI!”!!!!

Just had the Resolution List last new year’s eve on December 31 and yet we’re now with the Chinese New Year…. Great thing we have so much to celebrate… YEEEHAAHHH!!!!

Now, to catch up with this event, let me give you some backgrounder to view to you my innate personality.

I was born 25% Chinese with my dad’s blood born with 100% Chinese father and 100% Filipina. So, they just combined 50% Chinese blood which my father just got in. My grandfather’s Chinese name is “Ko Bing King” and my father’s Chinese name is “Ko Siung Tiu” which happens to be my Chinese name too as a junior carrying my father’s name as a Junior of his (thanks for an alternate identity).

I had so much fun with my grandfather before he left us and rest (may God be with him). Such moments were few but remarkable. We had fun with kid stories, toys and food stuff – I miss that much really.

Ok, though at my age now, who hasn’t had the idea why my father didn’t teach us how to speak the same as my grandfather does at that time, I think and simply because, my father wants us to focus more on a Filipino setting – well, fine that’s ok. During my grandfather’s wake, my Chinese cousins arrived from Amoi, China and had time with us chatting without me knowing about them since I was just about 12 years old then who does wonder what’s going on with them people as my relatives.

Recently, I tried searching for them again but to no avail until now.

Notwithstanding the non-availability of trace, since birth, what I learned about new year’s eve as Chinese traditions are concern are the following:

1. Serve round fruits and food on the table.
2. Make a round necklace of round fruits and hang it on the door fronting the house.
3. You should wear something red (generally), but this year, the colors of the Chinese year are yellow and brown or gold (I think I wore yellow hehe).
4. Hang chimes in the room or at the center of the house.
5. Display or keep green crystal in the house.
6. Hang lanterns with red and gold colors
7. Post a display item with a little boy and a girl with golden lanterns.
8. And so much more....

With the above scenarios, apparently, good luck for good health, wealth or abundance will flow in your home the whole year if most of it are done.

Hhmmm…. No harm in trying to do it but of course as we all seem to tell everyone: “We make our own lives. Do what is good for you and for everyone with the belief of one God and everything will follow leading to benefits and abundance…”

God bless us all!!!


Linda February 10, 2011 at 8:05 AM  

Great post..very interesting!

Jec February 10, 2011 at 8:14 AM  

wohoh!!! thanks linda. it's for you and everyone... hope to get to read some of your blogs too.... just post your blog address please =)

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