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>> Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ilocanos are well-known in artistic crafts like weaving, wood-curving, furniture-making and the like. Mostly, the materials they use are derived from the raw woods of a tree called Rattan.

But it is not the rattan woods this article is all about, it is the unpopular fruit in Manila – Rattan fruit. Since birth, I was not introduced to this kind of fruit until my mother-in-law got a stem-full of it (i took a pic of it as shown) from Ilocos to Diffun to Manila.

At first, I was really stunned honestly that a Rattan tree bears fruits (haha! Ignorant was I but not anymore!). The texture, look and shape are amazingly be likened to weaved wall.

Next to my surprise, I asked them to have it chilled first so I may try how it tastes if a little frozen. Sooner when I went home from the office, another surprise hit me…. the fruits were all gone…. Haha! My relatives enjoyed it that I was not able to grab just a bite of it…. funny poor me….. hehe.

Anyways, it doesn’t matter. At least I got to know the tree well. The next time I meet somebody who doesn’t have this idea yet (most of my Manila friends I bet), I will introduce to them the furniture tree that bears a distinctive fruit as well.
Truly tree-to-fruity idea…..!


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