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Will You Let Me In?

>> Sunday, May 22, 2011

Nowadays, we cannot just trust somebody to enter your house. There are several reasons why, but, it will really depend on the situation.

Case 1: A thief or theft syndicates.
- Sometimes they dress-up well and/or represent a known company to entice you to start up a conversation. They will offer you something to let them enter your house for a comfortable discussion. All of a sudden, you get to realize you are already giving away some of your personal belongings including money or jewelry. These types of perpetrators are hypnotics - I don’t know where or how they were trained to do such. So sad…

Case 2: A hungry person (and lost as well)
- Obviously, you need not to let this person enter your house. No reason to give him a long conversation too. If hungry, extend food or something to drink but let him / her stay (comfortably) for a while but outside your house. You may ask a known neighbor to entertain the person while you are busy preparing something for a chow. Then gracefully join them for a talk while he/she’s eating. Then, ask somebody (could be a known neighbor also, but not leaving your house unattended... of course) to accompany you to a nearby community helpdesk. There you can leave the person to be accommodated by a concerned officer. With that, you fed humbly and helped as well.

Case 3: For Sale
- There are street vendors who sell various items. The key to this are – “attention” and “company”. For items like food and the like, no need to let them in (again). Ask for assistance from your relatives or a “known” neighbor. Be attentive in counting your change or money before disengaging the transaction. Sometimes, street vendors (not all) lure buyers through fast movement of hands. But this is not rampant though. For items that need testing like flat iron (yeah right), remote control, antenna or gas valve, before letting this person in, AGAIN be accompanied by somebody you trust.

Now, if you think a person is doubtful to you, better not entertain or have an eye contact right away (for hypnotics especially). Just say “Sorry we don’t know (or we’re busy), kindly try next door please….” Never give idea that you’re alone, how many are you in the house, when will your relatives arrive, what time will your relatives come home or EVERYTHING under your roof. Be responsible to your own house.

But for a kid just like the kid on this blog photo…. Ask him “where is your mom?” or “who’s with you?”. If he can’t answer back….. you may revert to Case2 (now with added care).

Please let me in!


Dai Ning Li May 24, 2011 at 6:59 AM  

Why, have you been a victim?

Jec May 24, 2011 at 7:47 PM  

nope... but two of my neighbors complained already. The first one was by a concealed vendor but really a thief, stolen a mobile phone. Just recently, a laptop. no idea how this was stolen... so sad.

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