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“Are We Globally Aware?”

>> Thursday, September 22, 2011

Recent issues have ballooned the Internet News and Commentary Sites that even here in the Philippines, appeals rapidly increase with which questions and arguments were intermingled.

To name a few, here is the list of hot picks to-date that rocks the whole world thru this unstoppable web (where is the spider?):

1. Satellite UARS missed its orbit to hit earth between September 22-24, 2011
(SOURCE - / photo by NASA)

2. A Huge Comet named Elenin to pass through the solar system providing two to three days darkness somewhere September 25-27
(SOURCE - / photo by

3. Long-Term Earthquake Predictions Around the World, 85-95% Results Accuracy

4. Solar Flares / Sun Emits Several Explosions
(SOURCE - photo by NASA)

5. Earth’s Polar Shift / Climate Change, global warming and its effects
(SOURCE - / photo by TheHorizonProject)

For me, nothing to fear - I believe in God Almighty. He created heaven and earth, provider of all mankind. If time comes that natural phenomenon is evident, nothing to worry, for even bible mentions different catastrophes to happen before the “end times” – that no one knows (even the angels) when will it be except Him.

What we should do is repent and believe the gospel, pray hard, preach all the nations of his Word and be baptized in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost.

May the Lord bless us salvation….

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