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>> Monday, March 28, 2011

Receiving gifts is relaxing especially if it’s from your loved ones, relatives, friends, colleagues or even a stranger.

Today, I just received a present though there’s no reason to celebrate… platonically because she’s a friend to everyone in the office - Melrose Martin, one of the company’s trusted accountants.

She just arrived from Davao along with the other colleagues where they spent a week for a certain field report.

Thanks to her for the coin purse she gave for my wife….. God bless.

Also, I would like to reserve this blog space to mention the gifts I received from friends and colleagues. But the credit is not limited to these items because there are lots of presents I’d be posting here later.

Keychain from NingLi when she visited Singapore for a tour.

Wallet from Arlene Carbon last Christmas season.

Snowman phone accessory from Rem Baltazar last Christmas season

A cap from my brother Nard just last week.

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“Another Remarkable Singing Experience”

>> Thursday, March 24, 2011

Browsing the net, March 11, 2011, I happen to visit the OPM (Organisasyon ng mga Pilipinong Mang-aawit) to look for events or concerts to come. I just need to pause for an entertainment viewing with my wife, to relax some ways.

Eventually, a public call on that site alleviates me prompting “OPM@Pagcor: A Nationwide Search for the total OPM performer!”

The search focuses on the new breed of Filipino singers aimed to build true Filipino talents away and incomparable to the foreign ones. The last OPM song known to the world was “Anak” by Freddie Aguilar, translated to different languages, which touched the hearts globally.

To this kind of event, I don’t waste time sharing my talent as a singer. Why not try I told myself (…again just like other events). So what I did was filled out the Audition form, scanned the required documents and rendered a song-cover for them to evaluate. Voila! I passed to qualify for the elimination.

The elimination where 500+ auditionees were selected, was held at Pagcor Casino Filipino Tagaytay, Magiting Hall. Seeing varied lights and sounds like in Disneyland would describe the entire play area of Casino. There were tables, slot machines and attendants for the players' comfort. A girl fronting me excitedly took a pic of the place but was right away approached by the securities and asked her to delete the said capture for it is not allowed. She just nodded “ok” cause indeed she’s not aware. Her friends laughed at her saying “you nasty ignorant lady”. So, I went up to the veranda where Magiting Hall is located.

Far enough from the wide artistically crafted beautiful stairs, I can view the thickened crowed of auditionees. With them, I joined the pile of line heading to the registration kiosk, took my tag and waited to be called sitted on the third row as 199th of 500s. Hearing the voices as they practice chilled me even more tensed as I approach near the door of justice. Hours like 3 or 4, I’m already 3 auditionees away from the door. I closed my eyes reviewed the lyrics “What has life to offer me when I grow old…. lalalala”.

The door opened and the organizer slipped his head out of the door yelling....


It was some sort of adrenalin with tensions, fear, fun or excitement? I really don’t know. In the hall, is a huge concert venue (where big stars perform). I was asked to stand beside a tarpaulin and they took a pic of me (I don’t have securities of my own to tell them to delete my pic for I do not allow…hehe).

Another yell echoed the entire hall...

“NUMBER ONE HUNDRED NINETY-NINE, NEXT….!!!”. It was Ms. Mitch Valdez…. Wow!

Along with her as the juries were Ms. Pinky Amador, Executives of Pagcor and OPM. Long walk along the dark spot from the door towards the stage to where spotlight flashes and video is being recorded amazed me though.

On stage, I yelled too….. (of course)


HAHAHA! Yes, you read it right, I yelled “Magasin” instead of “Next in Line” by After Image. Notwithstanding the excitement, I just did whatever I think is the best of me. So I finished the song acapella as required, happily seen Ms. Mitch enjoyed my hand-beat performance.

Right now, though I am not expecting to be chosen among the 12 semi-finalists (a call will be received once picked), I am still proud that I was able to proceed to the level called “point-of-no-return” bagging home the courage to share my talent to that high level.



"This week, I learned…."

>> Sunday, March 20, 2011

This week, I learned...

- “whatever you do that is good for you and also for others, that “whatever” qualifies to be a beneficial one and worth doing…”

- “talent is a gift that has to be shared with others…. if not, it’s just a hobby that perishes in time…“

- “patience is a virtue….. ever since….”

- “looking ahead for something is not a mindless fast-tracking, forgetting the past. But a mere correction of the future probable mistake you might get engaged or be committed with….”

- “courage is the end-product of overcoming the so-called ‘point-of-no-return’…..”

- “there’s always hope for those who have “God” and “Faith” in their minds….”

- “casting a coin in a well for a granted wish in return is a purchase of luck; but if it’d be given to a child for a bread for him to eat is a good alternative compensation for your petty sins’ forgiveness….”



>> Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ilocanos are well-known in artistic crafts like weaving, wood-curving, furniture-making and the like. Mostly, the materials they use are derived from the raw woods of a tree called Rattan.

But it is not the rattan woods this article is all about, it is the unpopular fruit in Manila – Rattan fruit. Since birth, I was not introduced to this kind of fruit until my mother-in-law got a stem-full of it (i took a pic of it as shown) from Ilocos to Diffun to Manila.

At first, I was really stunned honestly that a Rattan tree bears fruits (haha! Ignorant was I but not anymore!). The texture, look and shape are amazingly be likened to weaved wall.

Next to my surprise, I asked them to have it chilled first so I may try how it tastes if a little frozen. Sooner when I went home from the office, another surprise hit me…. the fruits were all gone…. Haha! My relatives enjoyed it that I was not able to grab just a bite of it…. funny poor me….. hehe.

Anyways, it doesn’t matter. At least I got to know the tree well. The next time I meet somebody who doesn’t have this idea yet (most of my Manila friends I bet), I will introduce to them the furniture tree that bears a distinctive fruit as well.
Truly tree-to-fruity idea…..!


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